About Me

Kia Ora fairy friends!

Rainbow Rosalind the Fairy here!

I come from a magical place on the other side of the rainbow, called Rainbow Fairyland.

When I was just a little fairy, the fairy Queen of Rainbow Fairyland bestowed upon me the title of the ‘Music Fairy’. She waved her wand and created for me 3 gifts. A magical purple guitar, a magical singing voice, and some magical songs in my head.

The Fairy Queen sent me on a fairy special adventure, to share my music and Rainbow Love with as many children and families as I can! So I flew across the rainbow, accidentally getting splashed with a bit of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo…and violet along the way! When I landed I was a RAINBOW fairy! Rainbow Rosalind the Fairy.

I landed in a beautiful, mystical realm called Aotearoa, New Zealand! I absolutely fell in love with this country and all of my new little fairy friends who live here!

From time to time I go back over the rainbow to Rainbow Fairyland, to say a quick hello to my magical friends and gather some more magical fairy dust for flying… but I am loving spending most of my time over this side of the rainbow, flitting all around the country for special shows and spreading the fairy magic!

Some of the exciting fun adventures I have been on lately are:

Spreading my wings and flying to Auckland for the New Zealand Children’s Music Awards, where I was awarded the ‘APRA Best Children’s Music Video Award’ for my original song & music video Aotearoa, Home of our Hearts!  What a blast. It was so exciting to meet everybody and I am so proud to be a part of the wonderful Children’s Music Collective, Kiwi Kids Music!

Releasing my debut album, ‘Kia Ora!‘, with 17 fun, interactive and educational songs for kids! Thanks to everyone that came to my super duper fun album launch show, and to everyone that has since purchased my CD at shows, on itunes, spotify and more!

To celebrate the launch I flew over the rainbow to see where it would take me…and I landed in Fiji! I had an incredible heart-warming time touring this beautiful island, performing for various orphanages and schools across the country, donating CD’s for them to keep and sing along to.

Creating and premiering the show ‘Rainbow Rosalind Meets the Orchestra!’. I was so lucky to be the 2017 recipient of the SOUNZ Community Commission award – awarded to 1 New Zealand composer each year! What I created was a way to introduce children to the magical world of classical music in an educational, yet fun and accessible way, through a full-length concert for kids with 12 songs, each about a different element of the orchestra. The strings, the woodwind, the brass, the percussion, the conductor, ballet, opera, tuning, bowing, clapping, and more!

I was so excited to debut this work in October 2018 with a cast of my fairies, ballerinas, opera singers, Harry Potter, Steve Tunin’, and the Dunedin Youth Orchestra conducted by Anthony Ritchie! We performed to a packed out Dunedin Town Hall of about 2000 audience members. What an experience!

To see all the songs from the show, check out the SOUNZ facebook page!

Well that’s it from me! I’m sure I’ll catch ya around, me and the fairies love singing and dancing with you, it’s our favourite thing to do!

Some of the recent shows we have have performed for include Kids Music in the Park (Auckland), Whare Flat Folk Festival, Queenstown Winter Festival, Whoa Studios, Sunday Sounds, the Big Day Out (Forsyth Barr Stadium), the Baby & Child Show, and more!

If you catch one of our shows, make sure you come and see us afterwards for a photo and a hug! We LOVE hugs!!!

Ooh, and if you have a special birthday party or event coming up, check out our Parties! I have told my magical friends all about you awesome humans, and they are excited to fly over the rainbow and appear at your place to help you celebrate with a one-of-a-kind themed party! You can choose from my friends who are princesses, mermaids, disco dancers, ballerinas, superheroes ,pirates, storytellers and wizards! Or ask me about the Ultimate Rainbow Rosalind Fan Package and I might even be able to make it myself!

Keep being you, and I’ll keep being me! ‘cos being you and me is the BEST person to be!

Rainbow Love Xox

❤ ❤ ❤